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IDfest 9: large scale illustration

Independent's Day is a festival centered around local art, music, and independent business held in in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to work alongside other volunteers to create and construct the “Play Big” zone. As one of the 9 zones built by local artists, designers, and architects, Play Big’s theme focused on bright colors and interactive artwork with large scale (playable) games from childhood.

Based on pitched sketches, 12′ illustrated panels accompanied our zone activities. Sections included giant Twister and Checkers, as well as a Tetris Lounge.

WMCfest 8: live illustration battle

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is a premier art, design, and music conference in the Midwest held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ink Wars, an 8-person illustration battle, is one of the most popular events at WMCFest. The premise: Eight Artists. Eight foot canvases. Some pencils, sharpies and a theme. One hour to create as attendees weave amongst the work and cheer the artists on.

The venue: Mahall’s

The theme: Punk Rock Bowling Battle

The outcome: Cleveland Creative Community