Wheels of Fortune 9

Wheels of Fortune (WOF) is a annual Seattle skateboarding showcase and 3-day event focused on women and non-binary skaters in it’s 9th year. This project includes a logo update with physical event collateral. An illustrated map was also created for the event to highlight local skate spots, important event locations, and sponsors.


Left: Original Logo | Right: Cleaned Up Original Logo

Above: Ideation Phase | Below: Final Logo

Details included primary and secondary type elements maintaining the hand-drawn organic feel, graphic elements such as loose edges and wheel decals both decorative and representational.

Multi-colored sticker collateral designed and printed for the event: pictured in digital, at event, and in action!

Map custom designed/illustrated for the event. Collaborated with Skate Like A Girl Staff to chart out local skate spots and included a special key to indicate “covered” locations to help WOF continue in the event of our traditional Seattle Rain (thankfully the weekend was mostly sunny).


Hand-painted sign application of logo for directional signage at the event.

Created for Skate Like A Girl | Seattle, WA 2018