october 2019


inktober 2019 is upon us which means it’s time climb out of the coffin and get those inks out.


my first year doing inkober was in 2015—
getting into the practice felt like a marathon. i was exhausted by the simple ink drawings that felt impossible to pry out every-day-no-matter-what. since then i’ve grown a lot.

here’s a look back <3

2015 (left), 2016 (right)
pen and ink VS inkwashes+


2017 meant color, and some animation

discovered Mab Graves #drawlloween club and prompt list. started incorporating watercolor. having survived two years of doing inktober, i also stopped telling all my friends that i was legally dead between september and november.


inspired by the work of #mabsdrawlloweenclub and Mab Graves ambitious octobers, i wanted to do full paintings for both technical and portfolio reasons.
these each took about 3-6 hours, concept to final—sketching, re-drawing, painting, scanning, retouching for dust, and color correction.

2018: full color illustrations, every day for 31 days. this is sort of where i draw the line for now (with a full time job.)

2019. 🦇

this year i’m looking at a back to basics — environmental/atmospheric ink
+ a new render of digital illustration that I’ve been working on since 36 Days of Type.

there is a small meetup i’ve started for seattle.

hope you join. happy haunting ~


october 2019