Sketch and Process

Sketching and storyboarding have varied expectations depending on job and illustrator. This page is to show my sketch process, which has evolved through freelance and agency illustration.

Pink and yellow digital painting of a garden witch picking roses from her gate.
Figure overlooks large and colorful mountain ranges in sepia and violet tones.
Rich color watercolor line of pine trees.
Illustrated gif of a person trapped in a mobile phone beside a cup of coffee and a tablet pencil.
The letter S (dropcap) illustrated for a spellbook typography highlight.-S
Two hip watercolor dino monsters hanging out in front of a burning city.
Watercolor pumpkin characters, one revealing the other has only a candle under his jack-o-lantern head.
Illustration of public transit futures in Redmond, WA. People riding bikes, using crosswalks, and public transit.
Dracula's daughter rendered in digital ink, goofing off to avoid studying in her supernatural library.
Digitally rendered illustration of two hands reaching through a mirror screen, cosmic elements and rings surrounding.
Watercolor witch by her window among plants and books, with a heart in the spiderweb by the window.
Digitally rendered illustration of an artist winding the strips off a tiger to spool them.
Ink Gif in black and white of a witch laying on her bed with her cat, broom, and monster under the bed.
Watercolor in red, yellow, and sepia of casual morning walk with Hellhound and Flaming-Skull-Faced gentleman with a herringbone pattern overcoat.
Digital illustration of two figures holding each other in a storm. One holds a candle.
Watercolor Frankenstein and Franken-Cat, next to books, pumpkin, and skull for a halloween reading list.
Digitally rendered illustration of two figures on an ocean overlook and a mysterious door, with a wide overhead sky in pink and pale blue.
Nosferatu in quarantine, checking iphone as two masked bats and two masked bats keep him company.
The letter P (dropcap) illustrated for a potions typography highlight.
Watercolor of a woman in a spooky castle, wearing a striking red dress as she holds an orange cat.