animating ink journal

july 2019


animating ink

a quick way to make an animated sketchbook entry from a day trip:

  1. draw, irl. sumi ink + quill pen (i use a 513 EF nib)
  2.  scanner
  3. threshold
  4. one foreground layer (person in this case) which is digitally finalized
  5. add digital color through fill + masking layers
  6. use timeline panel to make animation with keyframes
  7. save for web (gif) or export mp4





little notes

the above animation recipe is written assuming a basic to mid-level understanding of photoshop.


these drawings were made in sequim, washington, during the lavender festival of july 2019. white chocolate chip is by far the best lavender ice cream available at the stand, but peppermint is a close second. there is a $10 minimum for card charge at the lavender-infused alcohol tent.

july 2019