🔗 Github Code Camp

Identity and illustration for a summer coding challenge.

🔗 Nike Digital

Digital campaign design evolution. (*Password protected for client privacy)

🔗 Tommy Bahama Digital

Campaign and social digital design.

🔗 Blueleaf App Design

Finance mobile app design. (*Password protected for client privacy)

🔗 Lightboard Playbook

B2B pitch deck and brand illustration library.

🔗 Skate Like A Girl Brand

Marketing, illustration, and design for an international skateboarding event.

🔗 Redshift Editorial

Editorial digital illustration.

🔗 MakerSights Reports

Clean design for client-facing case studies.

🔗 AutoCAD Booklet

Approachable technical design and illustrations.

🔗 Paydrt Brand

Start-up branding in illustration & animation.