WOF Showcase

Non-Profit Event Design

Core Team: Elise Loeb, Designer + Illustrator β€” Steph Jurek, Designer + Illustrator β€” Alexandra Pepin, Designer + Photographer

Wheels of Fortune (WOF) is an annual showcase of women, trans, and non-binary skateboardings based in Seattle.

Between 2018 and 2020, the branding and style of the event have been pushed by designers within the community who volunteer their time.


Skate Like A Girl

Left: Original Logo | Above: Ideation

Final Logo

Organic Edge/Line Detail

Logo Refresh

One of the first milestones of elevating WOF visually was refreshing the logo & identity. The old logo was cleaned in vector, iterations were developed and run by the committee, and a final design emerged. Hand-drawn type and organic linework were essential to maintain character.

Skate Witches β€” Witch Hunt

To aid international attendees, an illustrated map was created to help visiting skateboarders during weekend events. One of these events is The Witch Hunt, which is a citywide team skateboarding scavenger hunt (Video of Seattle Rattle above, team Elise participated with in 2018, created by videographer and teammate Alexis Wolff)

Skeletons & Aliens

For it’s 10th Anniversary, WOF got a special logo-mark from Elise Loeb and featured shredding skeletons by Steph Jurek. With photography from Alexandra Pepin, custom skateboards, and a dedicated marketing team on the WOF Planning Committee, WOFX work was the most extensive yet.

to be continued !

Due to COVID-19, WOF 11 is pending 2021 reschedule. It is off to a witchy start with our Save the Date artwork.

Final Credit & Shoutout: None of this would be possible without the foundational and ongoing work of Kristin Ebeling.