WOF Showcase

Non-Profit Event Design

Elise Loeb, Designer + Illustrator — Steph Jurek, Designer + Illustrator — Alexandra Pepin, Designer + Photographer

Wheels of Fortune (WOF) is a showcase of women, trans, and non-binary skateboarders. Skaters from across the world attend this annual event based in Seattle.

Between 2018 and 2020, the branding and style of this event has been pushed by designers within the community who volunteer their time.

Left: Original Logo | Above: Ideation

Final Logo

Organic Edge/Line Detail

Logo Refresh

One of the first milestones of elevating WOF visually was refreshing the logo & identity. To approach this, the original logo was cleaned in vector, then iterations were developed. After feedback from WOF leadership & the planning committee, a final design emerged. Hand-drawn type and organic line-work were essential to maintain character.

Skate Witches — Witch Hunt

The Witch Hunt is one of the big events of WOF, being a citywide skateboarding team scavenger hunt. To aid international attendees, an illustrated map was created to help identify key event locations + skate spots. For a peek into the Witch Hunt events, see the above video featuring Seattle Rattle (The team I was a part of in 2018—created through the event, and compiled + edited by videographer and teammate Alexis Wolff).

Skeletons & Aliens

For it’s 10th Anniversary, WOF got a special logo-mark (Elise Loeb) and featured shredding skeletons (Steph Jurek). With photography (Alexandra Pepin), custom skateboards, and a dedicated marketing team on the WOF Planning Committee, WOFX work was the most extensive yet.

to be continued !

Due to COVID-19, WOF 11 is pending 2021 reschedule. It is off to a witchy start with our Save the Date artwork.

Final Credit & Shoutout: None of this would be possible without the foundational and ongoing work of Kristin Ebeling.