MakerSights Case Studies

Industry reports for digital distribution

Creative Role: Lead Designer

MakerSights collects data for the retail & product creation fields, delivering trends and forecasts to support informed decision-making.

These two 2020 reports were designed to re-define, simplify, and modernize the graphic treatments used in their case studies across the board.

Sustainability 2020

In this annual report on sustainability, our charts incorporated the MakerSights brand navy as well as greens and blues. Photography was curated to create a cohesive palette with those colors, (favoring blue skies and plant life) with the subject matter featuring both fashion and nature.


Moving the styles defined in our last report into a new theme called for a new palette. Bright orange and blues were chosen to be attention grabbing while non-alarming, a fine line for the topic at hand.


In addition to their role in informing and educating, these reports have had the perk of supporting MakerSights social media. Each graph can be (and often is) easily re-purposed for Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.