Autodesk Redshift

Digital editorial illustration for a technology and construction audience.

Creative Role: Illustrator and Storyboarder

Redshift is a blog targeting the designers and builders of tomorrow. Across the field of design, Autodesk software is a fundamental tool for creating everything from city parks to skyscrapers — and their blog tells that story. These illustrations are created with direction from the Redshift team to support their writers.

Through the agency I was with, I worked with the Art Director at Autodesk Redshift for nearly two years building a body of editorial illustrations for their articles.

Illustrating for emerging technology

Articles on RedShift are often introductory to new technology. Topics such as AI-assisted work and machine learning need straightforward visual narratives to support the technical written content. The style Redshift developed lends itself to easy readability even when topics are complex or new within the audience. Concepts and layouts pitched for their editorial illustrations were driven by a creative priority for readability.


Through commitment to developing a style supporting their storytelling, Redshift has illustrations that are clear, predictable, and readable as they support the written content. The RedShift team is able to create animations and tell a wide range of stories without deviating from their illustration identity, making them recognizable among their audience and competitors.