Hello. I’m looking for a gallery to host my show, _____.

This concept is ideal for MO/YYYY.

My name is Natelise Loeb, and I’m a watercolorist and commercial illustrator. I previously interned at a Pop Surreal Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, and have previously participated in multiple group shows and a solo pop-up show. I’m returning to gallery work after some time away, and I hope to build relationships within the gallery community of my new home: Portland, Oregon.

I think [my show concept, ___] would be a good fit for [Gallery] based on [previous work, neighborhood connection, prior work with similar artists, my experience showing with similar galleries xyz].

I am aiming to close out booking for 2023 before the end of February. I only inquire with one gallery for a show at a time, so your quick response of interest or availability would be greatly appreciated. I have previously worked with galleries with terms of 50/50 or 60/40 split.

Summary of Concept

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Number of pieces:
Dimensions of pieces:

Sketches of Concepts

Included are some sketches building out the core of this work. They samples, and as such they are not meant to be all-inclusive of the work to be developed of this show, nor to be representative of final quality/render.


Prior Work/Reference

Below are some examples of my prior watercolor work (some for personal projects, some that have been shown at group + solo shows.

Two hip watercolor dino monsters hanging out in front of a burning city.
Rich color watercolor line of pine trees.
Watercolor witch by her window among plants and books, with a heart in the spiderweb by the window.
Ink Gif in black and white of a witch laying on her bed with her cat, broom, and monster under the bed.
Watercolor Frankenstein and Franken-Cat, next to books, pumpkin, and skull for a halloween reading list.