Illustration of a woman interacting with project scheduling software.

Brand Playbook

A storytelling B2B illustration library.

Creative Role: Art Director, Illustrator

An illustrated marketing tool* explaining the processes and value of Lightboard’s software and creative agency business.

I developed this marketing deck alongside an illustration library (a series of illustrations that can be used together or stand-alone) intended for future efforts in customer education.

*Due to the strategic nature of this playbook, final written content has been intentionally excluded. Only ipsum and framing copy has been preserved.

Illustrated for B2B

It was important that we developed a visual style for the playbook that spoke directly to our prospective clients. Illustrations were created from scratch to reflect the clean styles prevalent in software & entrepreneurial clients that use Lightboard’s marketing design services.

Two illustrated figures falling through space with design elements.
Illustrated figure with a magnifying glass examining a set of branded assets.

Full book selects

The palette of the illustrations was pulled through the deck for a full color experience. Illustrations remained vibrant and readable on pink, yellow, blue, or black backdrops. There were 44 total illustrated pages created for the playbook.

Team-Extension slide, featuring characters connected via a light blue line representing in-house and agency team communication.
Slide about clients being overwhelmed with feedback and volume of work, with a man in a baseball hat crowded by various color and pattern speech bubbles.
Collaboration slide, featuring characters assembling a project with header images, buttons, and icons.

More than a playbook

With more customer-education or marketing playbooks in the pipeline, a library of assets was built out in tandem with the playbook for re-use. This illustrated library contains over 100 pieces of B2B and Product Design oriented assets created for easy mix-and-match.

Library elements included clients interacting with software, creatives at work, devices, interfaces, common software icons such as folders and buttons, speech bubbles, and office items.

Illustrated library elements in a grid: Speech Bubbles
Illustrated library elements in a grid: Website homepage, calendar, slideshow, PDF
Illustrated library elements in a grid: Project management software, graphs
Illustrated library elements in a grid: Safety compass, measuring triangle, scissors, coffee cup


Clearly communicating how your product or process works is essential for capturing new business. This playbook speaks the B2B language and is an important part of ongoing company growth. The additional value through the illustrated library elevates Lightboard and their outreach.